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Late Greetings!


Sorry, I wasn't able to post a birthday greeting for you! I was quit busy lately...

well, at least I was still able to greet you. As they say,

"It's better to be late than never"

Again,Happy Birthday!!!

disclaimer. photo not mine. due credits to the original uploader (unknown).


This time, I'm hoping for everything to go well...

May everything go according to His plans. Good results comes from good work.
I'm working hard to achieve my goal and everything will not go into vain....

I'm busy, as you can see I barely have time to post here even in my twitter and fb account.
Once in a while I post something. I do my best to reach and aim the top 

TOKYO 2020!

yey! i'm so happy! although a little sad for Madrid.

But nevertheless, so happy for TOKYO for winning as the host city fot the OLYMPIC games 2020! then it would be with the slogan 'Discover Tomorrow' TOKYO 2020!!!!

I now have a reason to go there! yatta!

I'll be there for sure!!!! :D

It's Junnosuke's day!!!!!!!

it's already the 31st in Japan but here it's still 30 so my greeting is still valid. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to MATSUMOTO JUN!!!

wow! all of Arashi members are already in their 30's but it seems like it was yesterday! haha. I just became a fan this year but it also feelis like I've been a fan ever since.

MJ, stay kakoii as ever!!! Again, Otanjoubi Omedetou

it's J month!!!!24hr TV!

yahoo!! it's August! it's almost a week before it ends and I'm just posting now. My bad. Actually, I don't have any photos or anything to post here just words...bunch of words! haha.

it's fine as long as I don't plagiarize someone's page, right?
My LJ might be boring but I'm happy as it is :D

Anyway, this month is Matsumoto Jun's birthmonth! hooray! he's getting older again. Everyone gets old anyway.
Also it's 24 hr terebi this month. I won't be able to watch it on keyhole because I've got work. Another thing but it's just between me and anyone who reads this post! I can't understand Japanese yet. Not in the level of conversational. I only know words in some sentences and the basics e.g. greeting, numbers....so maybe it's useless if I watch it live.

There are good people who helps me and I'm in debt to them. As my way of repayment I follow and abide them wholeheartedly. That, at the least I can do!!! Again to these AMAZING PEOPLE, THANK YOU!


It's June 17 today! Although it's already June 18 in Japan. Before it's too late I want to greet someone on his special day.

Ninomiya Kazunari
It's Ninomiya Kazunari's 30th Birthday!!! OMEDETOU!!!!! Stay 17 forever!!!!! <3
I've just been a fan this year and it's my first post with photo as an Arashi fan....and you're the first!

Jun. 1st, 2013

i feel terrible today...
after reading a news that someone is using others work for their own benefit.

you know what i mean...

i feel shame on that person!

whoever you are...


don't you know what you're doing affects many people?

if you think you're helping other fans by selling those stuff
you're WRONG!

it doesn't benefit anybody
but...only yourself!!!


don't you think people will like what you're doing?

Think again...


finally! i've changed my userpic and...it'sa GIF! whoa.... what a BIG improvement! hahahahah. I'm so proud of myself. although i still have hard time using this...because i don't know what to post! i don't what to post something that other had made because it's BAD!!! so i'll just be happy as it is. and just follow other communities rules and regualtion... there would be peace and order! BTW, if anyone ever happen to read this post, can you tell me how to put emoticons? i can't see any and i don't know how...stupid of me! :D

PS: i rearranged my room today! i'm very happy! i looks better! yeah! i feel so accomplished doing the cleaning and stuff :)


know what PERSONAL means? i guess some people don't! it irritates me when others don't follow rules...that's why it gets hard to join and be accepted even if you have pure intentions. well, i guess that's the nature of a person. we are unique, we have our own charaacter. but as for me, i will enjoy what i have by not doing harm to myself and others...i'm happy, they are happy, we are all happy, end of story. haha ^o^

happy as it is

up until now i only know how to post text on my lj and see community posts...nothing else, i want a least to edit my lj! but i'm happy with this. i can join lj communities and see their posts. it's enough for me. no harm on both sides. it just makes me happy that people do their best to make others happy. i also enjoy watching posts/videos. sometimes i giggle a lot!  to the LJ communities that i will join/joined. THANK YOU!



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